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Creation and evolution are incompatible...they both cannot exist at the same time. Even though there is a very popular TV special called Walking with Dinosaurs, the actual fossil record does not prove the theory of evolution. In fact, they are a testament to the creative genius of God...creation. Walking with dinosaurs is beautifully done, but not based on credible evidence. The truth is, God created the universe with a word...and dinosaurs quickly followed...within 6 days. When we see what really happened, Adam and Eve were walking with dinosaurs. Evolution has no answer to the beginning of the world or the universe. It has a nonsensical big bang theory. The big bang is theory is best. 
  Because of the lack of verifiable evidence, belief in the theory of evolution has to be classified as a true religion, but not the true religion. It is based on blind faith which ignores undeniable evidence. Religion is based on faith, but true faith is based on verifiable evidence. Evidence that suggests a designer is ignored. The fossil record is not a verifiable proof of evolution. The fossil record implies a sudden disaster caused by a world-wide flood. The geological time table is a hoax, created by those who wanted to reject the creative genius of God. The geological fossil record more easily fits the creation model than the theory of evolution. There is no explanation in the theory of evolution that answers the reality of emotions such as love and hate. There is no reason for these things to evolve. In fact, emotions get in the way of spontaneous evolution. The existence of God is the answer to the creation of emotions. There is actually three evolutions to consider. The theory of evolution focuses on animal evolution and ignores the evolution of no-life things such as rocks, chemicals and inorganic material...which had to be in place before the evolution of animals. Natural laws like gravity, movement and chemical lockups had to be in place. And, plants had to be evolved before the creation of animals, to provide food for animals. All these things are more easily explained by creation than evolution. The creation evolution controversy is a man-made conflict, not a science-driven reality.