The fossil/rock age principle!

How old is a fossil?
As old as the rock where the fossil is found.
How old is a rock?
As old as the fossils found in the rock.

Logical Conclusion!

The Coelacanth is a living fish!
On December 23rd, 1938, a strange fish was caught in East London, South Africa. On January 4th, 1939 it was verified as a Coelacanth. Because the innards had been destroyed in the process of mounting the fish, the scientists had to wait 14 years for another Coelacanth to be caught. On December 21st, 1952 another Coelacanth was caught on the Comorian Island of Anjouan. This fish was preserved intact. Many Coelacanth fish have been caught in recent years.

The discovery of the Coelacanth was called "The most important zoological find of the century." "A living dinosaur would be no more amazing than this incredible discovery."
The importance of the Coelacanth is that it was last found in the fossil record 70 million (?) years ago. 

If our fossil/rock principle is correct, it would be reasonable to conclude that any rock in which the Coelacanth fossil is found is not 70 million years old, but very young.

Check out another fish!

This might make us wonder if there is a better explanation for some of the other things we are being told!


   Copyright 2006, Charles Valentine