Interesting discoveries ignored!

In 1885 a steel cube with a deep incision around it and two rounded edges was found in a block of coal from a foundry owned by Isidor Braun of Vocklabrock, Austria. It was determined that only a human could have made it. Some think it was made by a machine.
(We are not the first, by Andrew Tomas)

In 1912 a large clump of coal was taken from a mine near Wilberton, Oklahoma. It was too large to go in the furnace, so it was broken open. Inside the clump of coal was an iron pot. The impression left by the pot was photographed and many have seen it.
(Creation Research Society Quarterly vol. 7, No. 4)

In June, 1841 workers were blasting near Dorchester,  Mass. They found a bell-shaped metal container with inlaid silver flowers designed by a gifted artist.
(America's Ancient Treasures, 1971)

These are only three of many examples of human artifacts found in coal that evolutionists claim was formed about 300,000,000 years ago.

Why have we not seen this evidence before?
 We have a serious problem. Either humans have been around a whole lot longer than the evolutionists claim, or the world is a whole lot younger than evolutionists want to admit. Either way, the geological time-table suddenly becomes inaccurate and irrelevant.
What about coal and dinosaurs?

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