Three independent evolution tracks at the same time?

If we have questions about the evolution of animals, what are the chances of animals, plants and things that have no life (minerals, water, etc.) evolving the same time.




The theory of evolution does not have all these tracks evolving at the same time. Things with no-life had to evolve before any of the other tracks.

This puts a lot of pressure on no-life things!
No-life things have no intelligence...thus no real reason to exist independently. But, since they are all interdependent, they had to evolve independently. And, how could they have evolved independently if they needed each other to exist?
Is it possible to imagine volcanic action, evaporation, electricity, radiation, carbon dioxide, ammonia, methane, cooling, heating, water, clays, salts, synthesis, condensation, gravity, hydrogen, carbon, the sun and atmosphere evolving...before life had its try?

It seems reasonable to conclude that they all had to appear at the same time!




   Copyright 2005, Charles Valentine