The joy, hope and inspiration in evolution?

If evolution is so great:
A mother and father should be filled with awe and deep emotion when they see their new born baby for the first time...and praise evolution
    When I am in awe of the remarkable life and design of the unique Diving Bell Spider, I am inspired by the gracious creative gift...of evolution
   When I hear the cheerful song of the lark or the soothing music of the bubbling mountain stream, my first thought is of the calmness provided by...the theory of evolution
    When I see the beautiful sunrise after a long night, I praise evolution for the awesome color and sense of hope it gives. 
    When I go through the death of a loved one, I naturally lean on the theory of evolution for comfort.
    When I receive a wonderful surprise gift, my first reaction is not "Oh God!", it is "Oh evolution!".

Get real! There is no joy, hope and inspiration in evolution.

   Evolution is cold, hard and cruel...with no intelligence or purpose. There is no need for emotions in the evolutionary process. In fact, emotions would get in the way of progress. 
   There is no need or explanation for beauty in the theory of evolution. If progress was going along at its normal slowness, beauty would be a distraction and slow down the process to immeasurable progress instead of just an imperceptible crawl. 
   The theory of evolution cannot provide the things that mean the most to, acceptance, happiness, accomplishment and hope. All it can provide is the dark injustice of the survival of the fittest. Science cannot explain the origin of emotions and beauty. Evolution has no explanation for great joy or deep sorrow.

Why would any thinking person want to bow at the altar of the god of chance? It is lifeless, senseless...and offers nothing of value.

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