Is evolution a religion?

An important concept of any religion is faith!

Faith is the sum of what you hope for, but cannot literally see!

Has one event of evolution been documented?
No! There are natural variations in animals, but we are discussing a lizard changing into a snake. So it takes faith that what we see represents an example of evolution...instead of representing an example of design? There is no doubt creatures represent design.
Has one verifiable missing link been found?
No! There have been many creatures presented as missing links, but none have passed the critical scientific test that places them in the Missing Link Museum. It takes faith to believe there are missing links.

Do evolutionists admit that evolution is impossible?
This site contains documented statements from evolutionists who admit that creation seems like the best explanation for a scientific situation, but cannot bring themselves to accept the obvious. It takes great faith to believe in something that reliable evidence proves is impossible.
Is evolution falsifiable?
Yes! This site is dedicated to undeniable proofs that the claims of evolution are not true. It takes great faith to believe a theory in the face of undeniable, contradictory proof!
Is there another option that makes sense?
But, it also requires faith!


Statements of Evolutionists


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