There are 815,000+ arthropods (lobsters, shrimp, crabs, spiders, etc.). Some of them live in water and some live on land.

Looking at just the crab and lobster, it would be reasonable to find 4 or 5 distinctive differences between all the arthropods. If so, we have a round figure of 40,000,000 changes that had to happen over 150,000,000 years. This does not include the remarkable original critter that started the necessary changes.

This means we have to have an average of one significant change every 38+ years. This is curious, since we have not seen any changes in recorded history.

We have another serious problem to solve.
It seems all the differences are necessary for the unique survival mechanisms of our arthropodic friends. The changed had to happen for the different critters to survive, but they could not survive without the changes. This is a no-win situation!

It takes more faith to believe in this unbelievable scenario than to believe that God created the critters in the first place. Isn't faith a religious term?

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