This is a controversial issue, but...

   In 1982 more prints were found in the Paluxy riverbed. Well-preserved dinosaur and human footprints were found in a shelf of rock several feet above the riverbed.
   These prints were discovered under topsoil, gravel, twelve inches of solid limestone and four inches of marl. These prints could not have been faked.
   Evolutionists, the media, and anyone interested were invited to watch the continuation of the make sure it was done properly. The dig removed tons of undisturbed strata off new prints, all in the same front of over one hundred witnesses. 
   On June 16, 1982 a total of thirty six dinosaur and twelve human footprints were uncovered. In addition one human hand print was found. It looked like the man ws running, slipped and put his hand down to catch his fall. Some of the human footprints were of a man approximately eight feet tall. 
   The whole process of digging was filmed.

Evaluate the evidence and make up your own mind!

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