No-Life Gravity

Gravity is a fascinating law of nature. Without gravity, the world would not exist as we know it. Apples could not fall on our heads. We would have a hard time drinking a glass of water. The ocean water would flood our coastlines. Without gravity, the first evolutionary life could not have been formed.

How can we explain the evolution of all the no-life things like gravity, electricity, magnetism, photosynthesis, climate, oxygen, hydrogen, amino acids, cooling, heating, etc. that had to be in place before first-life?
If we insist on accepting the idea of evolution, it would seem foolish to discuss first-life without first establishing the origin of the necessary ingredients for life.

A "big bang" does not explain anything, because we have not established the ingredients and mechanism for the explosion.

The theory of evolution has no credible explanation for the existence of the no-life reality.


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