The living Barracuda!

The Barracuda is a predatory fish that  thrives in warm and temperate ocean water, and some live to be 6 ft. long. They move very fast and have large, sharp teeth. 
Illustrated by Blaine Bowen (age 11)
How did the Barracuda survive 50,000,000 years without changing...when so many other sea animals had to change to survive?

If the Coelacanth and Barracuda are not enough, here are only a few more living fossils to consider:
Segmented mollusk, Tuatara, Horseshoe Crab, Silverfish, Cockroach, Horsetail, Lamprey, Tortoise, Crocodile, Opossum, Shrew and Shark. Watch any animal show on television and you will discover many more animals that are considered living fossils.

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