Is there fraud in what is said about evolution?

There is no place for misrepresenting the truth in the presentations of evolution or creation. Some people who are against evolution misrepresent the evolutionary theory intentionally or through ignorance. Some support the theory of evolution because it has been represented as factual. They do not intend to misrepresent, they just don't check the facts.

Is evolution factual or fraudulent?
"Since the time of Darwin, paleontologists have found themselves confronted with evidence that conflicts with gradualism, yet the message of the fossil record has been ignored. This strange circumstance constitutes a remarkable chapter in the history of science, and gives students of the fossil record cause for concern."
(The New Biology, page 175)

Is the Geological Time-Table accurate?
Every discipline of science has been changed significantly since the 1800s...except the Geological Time-table. 
Considering all the recent technological advances it seems we are faced with several option:
1. The authors of the Time-Table were so accurate that there is no need for changes. Because of the obvious gaps and difficulties with evolution, there are new theories advanced on a regular basis. None are verifiable.
2. There are not enough scientists investigating this scientific discipline to find the needed evidence. Some are claiming there are millions of scientists studying evolution.
3. Because the theory of evolution is taught as truth, evidence that conflicts with the theory is ignored because it just cannot be true. This would not be acceptable in any other scientific discipline.

Whether the theory of evolution is right or wrong, it appears to be fraudulent when honest debate is not encouraged?
If the theory of evolution is true, it should be able to easily withstand honest challenges
from logic and science.




   Copyright 2005, Charles Valentine