Did dinosaurs become extinct...or did they just disappeared from the traditional evolutionary time-table?

Glen Rose (Texas)
Dinosaur and man tracks together?

Coal Mines (Utah)
Dinosaur tracks deep in the earth?

Robledos (New Mexico)
Human footprints among dinosaur prints?

You check out the human footprints!

Meister Footprint (with trilobites)
Antelope Spring, Utah
290-355 million years old

Nicaragua Footprint
Managua, Nicaragua
200,000 years old

Laetoli Footprint
Laetoli, Tanzania
3.6 million years old.
Burdick Footprint
Paluzy River, Texas
90-135 million years old
Nevada Footprint
Human Sandal
205-250 million years old
Zapata Footprint
Robledos Mountains, NM
248-290 Million years old.

Kentucky Footprint
290-354 million years old

"The evolutionary community is silent on these prints with the exception of Dr. Ingalls, the discoverer of the prints and an evolutionist. In Scientific American he writes the following. 'If man, or even his ape ancestors, or even that ape ancestor's early mammalian ancestor, existed as far back as the Carboniferous Period in any shape, then the whole science of geology is so completely wrong that all the geologists will resign their jobs and take up truck driving. Hence, for the present at least, science rejects the attractive explanation that man made these mysterious prints in the mud of the Carboniferous with his feet.' Ingalls suggested that they were made by some unidentified amphibian. But a human-sized Carboniferous amphibian is just about as problematic for evolutionary timetables as humans in that era!"

How long does it take to produce coal and oil?

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