Believers in the theory of evolution...

tells us there is overwhelming scientific evidence that supports the theory of evolution, but they reluctantly admit the obvious...the world is remarkably designed. Although the theory of evolution has no answer for this design other than random chance, their argument for keeping the intelligent-design discussion out of the public school classroom is that it is neither verifiable nor falsifiable...thus unscientific.

Believers in the intelligent-design theory...

admits the evidence is obvious...the universe is remarkably designed. The conclusion is that design demands a designer. It is left up to the observer to determine the designer. The argument is that random chance is not verifiable because there were no witnesses to the process...and their are no missing links (transitional forms). The theory of evolution is not falsifiable, except through intelligent-design logic and evidence...thus it is unscientific.


Maybe a good standard is found in the words verifiable and falsifiable.

As we watch the debate, we are struck with one observation. Those who believe in evolution, do not provide evidence for evolution. They assume everyone has studied the evidence and found it logical and believable. To the thinking person, it is neither...without questions!

Is it reasonable to make a religious comparison!

Neither evolution nor intelligent-design are verifiable and falsifiable without faith in something that is hard to get your mind around. Evolution demands belief in the intangibility of random chance. Intelligent-design demands belief in a creator.
Since faith is a religious word, maybe evolution is the religion of chance and intelligent-design is the religion of creation.

If this is reasonable, there should be no double standard, neither intelligent-design nor evolution are suitable for public school science classes...or both should be permitted to encourage an honest, fair evaluation.

This site is provided so that you can look at evidence and logic in making up your own mind.


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